Our Philosophy

At the heart of The Brand Conspiracy & Associates ‘way of being’ lies The Brand Dream Model.

What Is the Brand Dream?

The brand dream involves us working with you to define three elements of your brand.

3 cirlces of the brand dream


The living traditions of the brand


What the brand will stand for in the hearts and minds of its audience


The driver of brand behaviour

Why Is It Unique?

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Critically these elements are not defined through brainstorming or pulling data from brand and strategic plans. Instead the brand dream process uses deceptively simple methods based on experiential as opposed to analytical techniques. It engages individuals at a deeper level and more often than not leverages creative provocateurs from outside the normal comfort zones of the Brand.

As a result the Brand Dream Process reveals the past strengths of the brand, it’s current characteristics and future potential.

How Is It Used?

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The brand dream reveals the brand’s metaphysical values; they can’t be seen but they are precisely what your audience engages with, informing powerful strategic alignment and direction and ongoing innovation.

It was created to better direct brand communication – from advertising and packaging to PR, POS, online and in home activity.

It can be used as effectively to realign, redirect or simply re-energise a brand. It is invaluable at the start of a brand’s journey -

  • When it has become ‘stuck’ at a point in it’s evolution
  • Or simply to accelerate growth.

It can be adapted and used equally as well for exploration, innovation or communication briefs. It has no limitations as each experience is utterly unique and crafted to the brand and people involved.

In addition when the process involves everyone from the board to the marketing department and front line staff it also generates a shared understanding of the business, its values and goals. The power of this for building teams and strategic alignment, never fails to amaze.

Who Can Benefit?

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Developed and perfected over several years, the Brand Dream Model has helped to generate breakthroughs for many of the world’s leading brands and corporations. In recent years we have carried out Brand Dream events for Unilever, Cirque Du Soliel, Pepsico, Mondelez, Mars, Samsung, GSK, Procter & Gamble, Nestle to name a few. It has even been applied to educational and governmental departments.



The Brand Conspiracy & it’s Associates constantly strive to embrace fresh thinking and the latest technology to guarantee insightful and inspirational brand soloutions.

There is no substitute for BIG THINKING and we are committed to ensure that the oxygen of raw and energetic creative thought is always at the leading edge of any insight driven process.

With us, you don't have to choose between data or creativity. Where relevant the current trend of employing BIG DATA ANALYTICS and SOCIAL LISTENING techniques can play an exciting rôle in our work.